Ever Seen an Otter Dance?

At its heart the Dancing Otters is, and most likely with always be a group dedicated to learning. If you are finding us then with any luck that is what brings you to us. The hunger to learn, to grow and to experience the Gods through this beautiful and incredible world around us. Our doors are open to learners of all ages and levels. To these seekers we try to offer something that is often very difficult to find in our area: The discipline and thorough knowledge of  a tradition whose primary focus is teaching personal development and love for and through the Gods.

Our group is lead, and taught by, Priestess Kami Landy and Priest Kyler Pettry. Kami has a long history in the pagan community and has  herself been taught by some of the best names in modern and foundational craft. Kyler is an ordained interfaith minister with CAW Florida and is himself a studying Odyssean. The goal of our learning approach is to present cultural history along side practical application. By understanding the past we also understand the future and where we are going.

Classes range from information on Pantheons spanning every continent to how to properly set up an altar or sacred space. We teach energy work and meditation, balancing and attunement, introduce students to divination and the principles of ethics that are so necessary for a person of magical perception. We will also give a more comprehensive view of our traditions in the craft, where they come from and why we do what we do.

You will find a complete list of our class schedules on the Calendar. Classes are free to any attendee regardless of age. Though a small donation is appreciated to help offset the cost of renting the space, we believe that knowledge should gift of the Gods to all people.


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