The time has come again and the light swung into dark and now is back into light. There have been some lovely changes since the last time we posted a class schedule, not the least of which is the proud announcement that Dancing Otters is now the official teaching arm of our very own federally recognized temple: The Wiccan Temple of Gainesville.

The year ahead of us is bright and full of promise and we are very happy to provide the list of this years upcoming classes! If you have any questions below please feel free to contact the moderators and we’ll try to get them answered for you. Bright blessings!

01/08/17 Introduction
01/15/17 Meditation & Grounding
01/22/17 Year-wheel
01/29/17 Concepts of Deity & Sabbat
02/05/17 Ethics
02/12/17 Elements
02/19/17 Altar Set up
02/26/17 Magic
03/05/17 Ritual Movement
03/12/17 Ostara Class & Esbat
03/19/17 Sabbat
03/26/17 Patrons/shrines/ancestors
04/02/17 Ritual Construction
04/09/17 Male & female Mysteries (full Moon)
04/16/17 Fairy Tales (Easter Sunday)
04/23/17 Magical Beings

Beltain Primer

04/30/17 Lunar Lore

Beltane (Sabbat)

05/07/17 Song and Chant

Ritual (Full Moon)

05/14/17 Tools (Mother’s Day)
05/21/17 Degrees and Dress
05/28/17 Robes
06/04/17 Comparative symbolism
06/11/17 Midsummer Primer

Ritual (Full Moon)

06/18/17 Needle Magic (Father’s Day)

Midsummer (Sabbat)

06/25/17 Five Paths
07/02/17 Incenses
07/09/17 P.R., Public Paganism and the Law

(Full Moon)

07/16/17 Wand Making
07/23/17 Comparative Myth

Lughnasadh Primer

07/30/17 None Wiccan Traditions

Lughnasadh (Sabbat)

08/06/17 Greek


08/13/17 Egyptian
08/20/17 Hindu
08/27/17 Romany
09/03/17 Finnish

Ritual (Full Moon)

09/10/17 Stones
09/17/17 Divination

Harvestide Primer

09/24/17 Numerology

Harvest-tide (Sabbat)

10/01/17 Tarot 1- History, Decks and majors
10/08/17 Tarot 2- Minors and layouts
10/15/17 Cartomancy
10/22/17 Sortilege

Samhain Primer

10/29/17 Samhain (Sabbat)
11/05/17 Day off after festival

Or Full Moon Rit

11/12/17 Ancient Craft History
11/19/17 Pagan Epistemology
11/26/17 Thanksgiving
12/03/17 Full Moon Rit
12/10/17 Astronomy

Yule Primer

12/17/17 Review/gift exchange

Yule (Sabbat)

12/24/17 Christmas

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